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TUI Travel,
Wireframe phase

TUI Travel is one of the world's leading leisure travel groups. They consist of 220 brands in over 180 countries. Creating a careers website that will cater to all brands and locations was always going to be a complex task.

There is a wide variety of roles in many locations so to filter users on arrival, an interactive questionnaire about where they would fit gives results on the types of roles they could work in globally.

One of the difficulties TUI had was people understanding how big TUI actually was, and the brands they encompass. On their previous site there was an overwhelming and confusing organisation of their brands. They were categorised by location, experience & business area. To avoid this headache I sorted the content into brands by location only, starting with top 5 brands people would recognise. Clicking on a brand logo would pop up information on where it sits in experience and business areas. This is so user can find out secondary info when they need to, rather than up front.

TUI also wanted to encourage staff to relocate for roles. To promote their locations, I made more of a travel destination feature. Using city imagery, information about culture and nightlife, also bringing in live data of how far away it is, temperature, staff numbers - I set out to make it a desirable place to work, and to reassure users who wouldn’t have considered leaving the UK.


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